DiCAPac WP-C10s for Smart Phone

DiCAPac WP-C10s Underwater Waterproof Case for Samsung Galaxy / iPod Touch / iPhone / HTC Hero / Droid / HTC EVO 4G / Google Nexus One

Available in Black, Blue, Pink, Yellow, and Green Colour.

The DiCAPac case is fully waterproof to a depth of 5 meters (16 feet). It is also salt-water and UV (sunlight) resistant, this case will keep devices clean and dry in any conditions. Absolutely 100% waterproof and airtight and it will float if dropped in water.

The DiCAPac zipper and Roll & Velcro opening makes sure insides stays free from water, dirt, dust, snow, rain or sand. It comes with a carry cord and your device can still be used while in the case through the special window from both sides.


  • Guaranteed underwater performance for up to 16 ft (5m) depth
  • UV coated polycarbonate lens allow consumers to take clear pictures
  • Transparent and flexible case for convenient mobile phone/camera control
  • Reliable closing system with waterproof zipper and Roll & Velcro
  • JIS (Japan Industrial Standards) waterproof test 8 grades
  • Individual Quality check up
  • When using DiCAPac, phone calls are possible
  • Reliable protection from water, dust, sand and weather elements
  • You can Hear and Talk