What is the difference between DiCAPac and other standard waterproof cases?
The biggest difference is that the DiCAPac is a waterproof case made exclusively for digital cameras. With the use of a U.V. coating lens, it provides the best quality when taking pictures. When photographing, imagine a vinyl cover that produces irregularities versus a glass covering that provides clear pictures. Then you will get a good answer.

Among the products that exist, a product that is entirely waterproof costs up to hundreds of dollars and thus, it is costly for regular people, aside from professionals, to purchase the products.
Now, it is the DiCAPac , with the price of a vinyl cover and efficiency of a waterproof housing!

Is photography with a flash possible?
Yes! It is definitely possible. In existing products, when using a flash, the light of the flash’s reflection interfered with the lens and did not produce clear results.

To prevent this, this product uses a lens in the shape of a tube so that when using a flash, you can get high-definition results.
Only, on certain models, there might be a limit in using a flash.

Up to how many meters is it waterproof?
As concluded from the test results, the waterproof effect was evident in 18 meters deep. As the depth of the water becomes deeper, there is a difficulty in pressing the camera buttons due to the water pressure.

However, the characteristic of a vinyl case is that there is a difference in the waterproof performance based on the user’s environment or usage method. Accordingly, it is recommended that other products are used for the purpose of camera protection or used for simple underwater filming.
Our product is designed to be cost-efficient and convenient during high-definition filming.
If the user is a bit cautious when using the product, we are sure you can receive good results.

What other qualities are there?
Like a waterproof pack exclusively for digital cameras, there are 7 models so that the consumer can choose the compact size that fits the digital camera the best for use in water or in use as a case.

The outer surface of the lens has been coated so that water can easily slide off. Also, when there is moisture inside, the DiCAPac is designed so that the lens tube can be opened to remove the moisture.
Additionally, it is easier to use with a dehumidifying agent, such as silica.

With the use of a roll and Velcro, the opening and closing is easy, yet offers great waterproof effects.

In what locations can the DiCAPac be used?
The DiCAPac provides waterproof effects and optimum photography results without restraint in any location or environment.
Only, refrain from usage in hot water, such as hotsprings or bathouses, for safety.