Warranty & Support

Maximum compensation is limited to RM100 per case (Revised Year 2017)


TEST EACH TIME BEFORE USE. DiCAPac Malaysia is NOT responsible for the damage of your mobile phones / devices if the DiCAPac case got flooded.

All DiCAPac products purchased from our authorised dealers come with ONE YEAR ONE TO ONE EXCHANGE WARRANTY under manufacturer’s production fault.

Before returning any faulty product under RMA claim, please contact:

No. 1, Jalan Flora 1/7
Taman Pulai Flora
81300 Skudai

contact@dicapacmalaysia.com | Tel: 07-5589122 | Fax: 07-5579122


Warranty Claim Required:

  • Proof of purchase from our Authorised Dealer (Invoice / Receipt)

Warranty policy

1. Description of product: DiCAPac Products.
2. Manufacturer: DiCAPac Co. Ltd
3. Warranty

A. Contents

– Warranty period for products supplied from Dicapac is 1year from the purchase date of the product by end-user. Provided, that the above warranty shall not apply to products that are deemed to have passed too much time from the delivery, under commercial practices.
– Dicapac warrants 100% for defective products.
– For defective digital device (excluding software, accessories, consumable supplies, data stored internally or in connected devices) caused by submergence, which is not caused by user’s misuse or defect of the products,

B. Type of defects and clarification.

1) By User’s misuse
– Products that do not run pre-waterproof test under the instruction.
– Scratches caused by a sharp thing while using the product.
– Scratches caused by putting a sharp thing in the product.
– Scratches caused by user’s carelessness.

2) By Defective Products
– Defects of Velcro sealing.
– Defects of cover (include Velcro cover) sealing.
– Defects of PVC+TPU sealing.
– Defects of PC sealing
– Other defects of sealing not mentioned above.

C. Products under warranty

1) IPX 8 grade (10M, 5M, 3M – 30min)
2) Products that run pre-waterproof test under the instruction.
3) Available temperatures: -20°C ~ 60°C (recommended temp. for use 10 C ~ 40°C)

4. Compensation

A.Small defects that does not cause any damage in digital devices.
– Distributor inspects the product to determine whether it is defective or not.
(Test methods: Appearance test, Air test, Flooding test)
– Distributor ships defective products to Dicapac at six-month intervals.

B. Damaged caused by defects of the digital devices.
– After Distributor tests the products and determined it is defective,
Distirbutor will ship the products to Dicapac via special oversea carrier delivery.
(DHL, FEDEX, EMS) (Defect number shall be marked on the defective goods)
– Upon receipt Dicapac will inspect the defects closely and submit a report to Distributor.
(Test methods: Appearance test, Air test, Hydraulic test)
* Difference between Flooding test and Hydraulic test.
– Flooding test: Check the defects in the water to see any leakage.
– Hydraulic test: Check the defects in the pressure tester for 30 minute.

C. Range for Compensation
– Dicapac will pay shipping charges for defective products.
(Do not ship digital devices itself in first time but mark name on defective products).
– In case of 3-A above, Distributor will compensate the user’s digital device and will charge Dicapac for payment.
– If the defective products are clearly evidenced that it has no defects, then,
+ Freight charges: Dicapac 50% / Distributor 50%
+ Compensation for digital devices: Dicapac 50% / Distributor 50%

D. Limitation of compensation
– Maximum compensation is limited to RM100 per case.
– No warrant is made for memory card.

E. Test Result
– Dicapac shall submit the test result report within 7days from the receipt of the defective product.

F. Compensation Methods
– To be determined for defects